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50 Things you didn't know about 1916 O'Farrell, Mick

ISBN: 9781856356190

Even those who know a great deal about the Easter Rising may not know that there were temporary ceasefires in the St Stephens Green area, to allow the park attendants to feed the Green's ducks. 


Few know that the first shots of the rising were actually fired near Portlaoise and not in Dublin or indeed that both sides issued receipts: the rebels for food, the British for handcuffs. It features excerpts from a previously unpublished diary written by a member of the Jacob's garrison; the story of how rebel communications (being sent in a tin can from rooftop to rooftop) were interrupted by a British crackshot sniper and many other remarkable facts. 


50 Things You Didn't Know About 1916 is a treasure trove of trivia and information that will appeal to the avid student of 1916 as well as the casual reader.


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ISBN 9781856356190

  • 50 Things you didn't know about 1916