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eBooks & Audiobooks

You can now buy our eBooks directly from us!

Discover the seamless experience of Glassboxx – your one-stop solution for direct delivery of our audiobooks and eBooks. With Glassboxx, you can effortlessly access your favourite books across Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers. Plus, cutting-edge protection measures ensure that our books remain safe from copying, piracy, and tampering. 

Simply make a purchase in the usual way and follow the link to download the Glassboxx app for Android, iOS or Desktop. Your purchased eBook will be their waiting for you to read as soon as you open the Glassboxx app. Once in the app, you will also be able to 'Discover' further titles from Mercier Press.

After making your first purchase, follow the links on the order success page to download the Glassboxx app to your phone or tablet from either the Google Play or iOS app stores, and then login with the email address you used for your purchase. Your books will automatically appear in the MY BOOKS screen of the app, where you can listen or read them using the built-in audio player and e-reader.


Frequently asked questions:

Q: I've logged into the Glassboxx app but my ebook/audiobook isn't there, what should I do?

A: If the book has published and you're using the same email address as you purchased it with, it should be there waiting for you. If it isn't, please email the Glassboxx Help email address: If the cover is greyed out, it may be because the book hasn't yet released, and you will receive a notification when it does.


Q: Can I read my ebook on Kindle, or listen to my audiobook on Audible?

A: If you buy an ebook or audiobook directly from us, they can only be fulfilled through the Glassboxx app. Our ebooks can also be purchased from Amazon if you prefer to read them on Kindle, and our audiobooks can be purchased directly from Audible too.


Q. Can I read both Kindle books and Glassboxx books on any e-Readers or e-ink tablets, specifically those that can help reduce eye strain?

A: Yes, you can read both Kindle and Glassboxx books on certain e-Readers and e-ink tablets. Boox Nova2 tablets, for instance, are popular among some of our readers due to their ability to minimize eye strain while providing an enjoyable reading experience for various digital formats.