O'Malley, Ernie  O'Malley, Cormac  

The Men Will Talk To Me: Galway Interviews by Ernie OMalley


Dramatic first-hand accounts of the War of Independence and Civil War in Galway.

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For the first time in published form, The Men Will Talk to Me: Galway Interviews chronicles the experiences of the Galway-based survivors of the War of Independence and the Civil War, recorded in the hand-written notebooks of Ernie O'Malley. Many of the individuals would not talk about their experiences, even to their own families, but were willing to talk to Commandant General O'Malley, the senior surviving Republican military commander who took on the task of preserving the memories of these participants. The resulting O'Malley notebooks provide an unrivaled insight into this important period of Irish history, including the attack on Clifden and the reality of life on the run for the Galway IRA volunteers.


Ernie O'Malley

Cormac O'Malley

Cormac O'Comhraí


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Q&A with Cormac O'Comhraí 


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ISBN 9781781170625

About the Author

Cormac O'Malley is the son of Ernie O'Malley, who died in 1957. He lives in New York city and is an international legal consultant working on many matters including inward investment into Ireland.


Ernie O'Malley was born in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, in 1897 and was prominent in the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War. He was for a time editor of The Bell, and was a close friend and supporter of Jack B. Yeats. Ernie O'Malley was given a State funeral with full military honors when he died in Dublin in March 1957.


'Many of the individuals would not talk about their experiences, even to their own families but were willing to talk to O'Malley'

- Evening Echo

'Perhaps the most striking aspect of this book is not so much the information that the interviewees divulge as their calm demeanour and the matter of fact tone in which all the personal stories are told. In no uncertain manner, these were the foot soldiers of the Irish rebellion, the theatricals and the rhetoric was left to the politicians'

- Galway Advertiser