Borgonovo, John  

The Battle for Cork July-August 1922


The full story of the vicious battle between Republican and Provisional Government forces for control of Cork in August of 1922.


By the sixth week of the Irish Civil War in 1922, all eyes turned to Cork, as the National Army readied its climactic attack on the rebel capital. At 2 a.m. on a Bank Holiday Monday, Emmet Dalton and 450 soldiers of the National Army landed at Passage West, in one of the most famous surprise attacks in Irish military history.

Their daring amphibious assault knocked the famed Cork IRA onto the back foot, though three more days of stubborn fighting was required for the National Army to secure the city. The retreating IRA left destruction in their wake, setting the stage for Michael Collins fatal final visit to his home county.

For the first time, The Battle for Cork tells the full story of the battle for Cork, showing all the chaos, bravery and misery of the largest engagement of the Irish Civil War and the final defeat of Republican Cork.


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'Informative and concise'

- Sunday Business Post


'Anyone interested in the Civil War period in Cork is going to want to get a copy'

- Evening Echo


'This is a great book. Excellently written and one of the most compelling books of its kinds I have come across'

- Books Ireland


'Scrupulously well researched, clear and well-written, this book manages to be both a
good read and tell us much that is new about the civil war in Cork'

- The Irish Story



ISBN 9781856356961

About the Author

John Borgonovo is an historian and is currently a lecturer in University College Cork. The author of Spies, Informers, and the Anti-Sinn Fein Society: The Intelligence War in Cork City, 1920-1921, he has written extensively on the Irish revolution in Cork city.