Dwyer, T. Ryle  

Tans, Terror and Troubles


Kerrys Real Fighting Story 1913-23.


Since Kerry's Fighting Story was published by the Kerryman in 1947, no attempt has been made to cover the period of the War of Independence and the Civil War in Kerry, which were fought with particular ferocity. 


This book seeks to fill a gap in providing a broad look at events in Kerry during the decade from the founding of the Irish Volunteers in November 1913 to the ending of the Civil War in April 1923.


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ISBN 9781856353533


About the Author

T. Ryle Dwyer is a historian and journalist. He took his PhD at the University of North Texas and lives in County Kerry. He has written many books, notably on the period of the War of Independence and the Civil War, and on Éamon De Valera and Michael Collins. He is also an expert on relations between Ireland and the Allies during the Second World War. Some of his titles with Mercier Press include: I Signed My Death Warrant - Michael Collins and the Treaty, The Squad, Tans, Terror and Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story and an acclaimed biography of Jack Lynch, Nice Fellow