Doyle, Tom  

Summer Campaign in Kerry


The Summer Campaign in Kerry documents the events of the Civil War in Kerry during the late summer of 1922.


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Follows the military course of the Civil War in Kerry in August and September 1922, focusing on specific engagements and tactics. Because of the defence line of the Munster Republic overland during the Civil War, the Free State forces, under Emmet Dalton, carried out an innovative and successful invasion on Kerry from the sea. This caught the republican forces almost completely by surprise and they were overwhelmed and defeated. This work brings the Civil War up to the end of the first phase of the campaign for the Provisional Government in Kerry, when Free State victory seemed assured, and before the Republican response to their predicament. 


Part of a five part series on the Military History of Ireland including The Battle for Limerick City, The Battle for Dublin, The Battle of Kilmallock.


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ISBN 9781856356763


About the Author

Tom Doyle is a native of Kerry. He lives in Cork city and works with the Revenue Commissioners and has an active involvement with Kerry history.


'Tom Doyle handles the problem of propaganda on both sides evenly and well: truth is an inconvenient commodity in war situations and the lies were enormous'

- Kerry's Eye