Pearse, Pádraic  

Short Stories of Padraic Pearse: The Easter Rising Hero of 1916


Pádraic Pearse, who played a prominent part in the 1916 rebellion, declared Ireland a Republic from the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin. He was executed, along with the other leaders, for his part in the Rising. But he was a gentle warrior at heart. These five stories show us that Pearse was a man of deep understanding with immense human awareness of the way of life of the average person. He analyses the sorrows and joys of the Irish people of his time, and writes of the tragedies of life and death from which they could never escape.

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Pádraic Pearse, a central figure in the 1916 Irish rebellion, is best known for his political activism and his role in declaring Ireland a Republic from the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin. However, this dual-language collection of five stories in Irish and English reveals a different side of Pearse: a gentle warrior with a deep understanding of the Irish people's way of life.

Through these stories, Pearse masterfully analyses the joys and sorrows of the average person in his time, showcasing his immense awareness of the human condition. He writes poignantly of the inescapable tragedies of life and death that shaped the experiences of the Irish people. This collection offers a unique insight into Pearse's literary talents and his profound connection to the people he fought for, making it a must-read for anyone interested in Irish history, literature, and culture.