Asmal, Kader  

Shoot to Kill? International Lawyer’s Inquiry


Shoot to Kill? International Lawyers’ Inquiry into the Lethal Use of Firearms by the Security Forces in Northern Ireland.

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Shoot to Kill? International Lawyers' Inquiry into the Lethal Use of Firearms by the Security Forces in Northern Ireland is a groundbreaking report compiled by an international panel of lawyers, led by Chairman Kader Asmal. Published in 1985 by Mercier Press, this 173-page book delves into the controversial use of lethal force by security personnel during the Northern Ireland conflict.

The inquiry examines the history of firearms usage by security forces in Northern Ireland, presenting evidence and analysing it in light of both international and domestic laws. It pays particular attention to cases where civilians were shot dead under disputed circumstances.

The book includes a comprehensive list of individuals and organisations who provided written testimony to the inquiry as well as a detailed exploration of the use of plastic bullets by security forces.

Shoot to Kill? offers a critical and impartial assessment of the legal and ethical implications surrounding the use of lethal force in a complex conflict situation. It serves as an essential resource for scholars, human rights advocates and anyone seeking to understand this painful chapter in Northern Ireland's history.

Through its meticulous documentation and legal analysis, this book raises profound questions about the balance between security and human rights, making it a thought-provoking and enduringly relevant work.

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