Feehan, John M.  

Secret Places of the West Cork Coast


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Cork, the largest county in Ireland, has hundreds of miles of indented coastline, which is regarded as one of the scenic jewels of the country. John M. Feehan sailed alone in a small boat around the West Cork coast in search of true peace, his land of hearts desire, his isle of the blest. The result is a book that is not only a profound spiritual odyssey but a magnificent account of the wild rugged coastline, the peaceful coves and the unique characters he met in this beautiful, unspoiled corner of Ireland. John M. Feehan writes with great charm, skill and sympathy, and with a mischievous roguish humour, often at his own expense. His sharp eye misses nothing. He sees the mystery, beauty and wonder in ordinary things, and brings situations and people vividly to life.
ISBN 9780946645114