Ambrose, Joe  

Sean Treacy and the Tan War


A ground breaking book that looks back on Irelands struggle for freedom with a refreshingly…

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A groundbreaking book that looks back on Ireland's struggle for freedom with a refreshingly new perspective and attitude. This is a journey into a turbulent period in Ireland's past - the past of charismatic guerilla leader Sean Treacy, Tipperary's Flying Columns and the horrors of Croke Park's Bloody Sunday. 

Tipperary's role in the War of Independence has been greatly underplayed and this book analyses the main events and personalities of the time. Seán Treacy and the Tan War takes a contemporary look at a time in our history that defined a nation.


About the Author

Joe Ambrose is the author of nine books including Dan Breen and the IRA and the novels, Serious Times and Too Much Too Soon which were praised by The Guardian as being ‘unputdownable’. A native of Tipperary, where as a child he knew many of the leaders of that county’s IRA campaign, he now divides his time between London, Ireland and Morocco. He has broadcast with RTÉ, BBC World Service, Lyric FM and Channel 4. He is Literary Editor of


'Tipperary's role in the War of Independence has been underplayed to some extent but Ambrose's book analyses the main local events and personalities of a time in Irish history that defined a nation'

- Nenagh Guardian


'This is a mature and deeply-worked study on Treacy...he was a gifted guerilla fighter and an inspirational leader. This book is a major re-evaluation of Treacy and of the personalities and events which kick-started Ireland's march towards freedom'

- Wexford Echo