Dwyer, T. Ryle  

Michael Collins Man Who Won The War


Revised and Updated. The story of a charismatic rebel who inspired Irish people to seek independence.

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Revised and Updated. From the bestselling author of The Squad comes the story of a charismatic rebel who undermined the British government and inspired Irish people to seek independence. 


In this completely revised and updated book, T. Ryle Dwyer offers a fresh perspective on Collins activities. With new information about his role in organising the IRB in London in his youth right through to his death in 1922, Dwyer's analysis supports the case for Collins as the chief architect of the Irish victory over the British Empire. 


Michael Collins co-ordinated the sweeping Sinn Féin election victory of 1918 and put structure on the organisation of the IRA. He was the prototype of the urban terrorist and the architect of the war against the Black and Tans. While many have questioned whether Collins ever fired a shot at an enemy of Ireland, he did order the deaths of people standing in his way, and he even advocated kidnapping a US President.


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ISBN 9781856356251

About the Author

T. Ryle Dwyer is a historian and journalist. He took his PhD at the University of North Texas and lives in County Kerry. He has written many books, notably on the period of the War of Independence and the Civil War, and on Éamon De Valera and Michael Collins. He is also an expert on relations between Ireland and the Allies during the Second World War. Some of his titles with Mercier Press include: I Signed My Death Warrant - Michael Collins and the Treaty, The Squad, Tans, Terror and Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story and an acclaimed biography of Jack Lynch, Nice Fellow.


'A primer for the students of the period'

- Sunday Tribune


'The greatness of Michael Collins was not as a gunman but as an organiser and administrator'

- Irish Examiner