Osborne, Chrissy  

Michael Collins Himself


‘Michael Collins, Himself’ delves into Collins’ complex character and life, rather than his
political contributions.

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'Michael Collins, Himself' focuses on the man behind the mask. Not the soldier, statesman or guerrilla but the real, human, Michael Collins. This unique approach offers insights into Collins’ personal life and the crucial role women had to play in it; his likes, dislikes, interests and personality; and includes the memories and anecdotes of members of his family and descendants of those who knew him. The book is accompanied by photographs of the man himself at all ages, as well as places and people associated with him.


Author Information

Chrissy Osborne was born and educated in England. She had an interest in Ireland and its history from an early age, as her
father’s family was from West Cork and she spent many holidays in Ireland during her childhood. In 2000, she accepted a job in Dáil Éireann and is now permanently resident in Ireland.


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'This book will appeal to all those with an interest in Irish history.'

- Ireland's Own

'The character that emerges from the pages of Michael Collins: Himself by Chrissy Osbourne is fascinating.'

- The Irish Mail on Sunday