Doherty, Gabriel & Keogh, Dermot  Keogh, Prof. Dermot  

Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State


Evaluation of the contribution made by Michael Collins to the making of the Irish state.

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A series of specially commissioned essays, written by some of Ireland's leading historians (academic and popular), on the contribution made by Michael Collins to the making of the Irish state. This is a professional evaluation of Michael Collins which brings to light his multi-faceted and complex character. The contributors examine Collins as Minister for Finance, his role in intelligence, his policy towards the north, his career as Commander-in-Chief, the origins of the Civil War, his relationship with de Valera and how academics view his place in Irish history. 


The volume is illustrated with an eight page plate section of photographs from private family archives, from Military Archives and from the Examiner in order to give the book added scholarly and popular appeal.


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ISBN 9781856355124

About the Author

Gabriel Doherty teaches in the Department of History, University College Cork. He received his BA in Modern History from Oxford University, having studied at Magdalen College between 1986 and 1989. Dr Dermot Keogh is Professor of History at University College Cork. He was a Fulbright Professor in San Jose, California in 1983 and a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, in 1988. He has taken a special interest in the peace process in Northern Ireland and was commissioned to write a study of the history of the Catholic Church in the twentieth century by the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation.