Kenneally, Christy  

Life After Loss


Helping the bereaved.

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What do you say after you've said sorry for your trouble? This is not just a book for the bereaved but for everyone who is unsure how to act and what to say when faced with friends, family, loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances who have been bereaved. Life After Loss was written for what the author calls the second circle who are dealing with the bereavement of others. They include family, friends, colleagues, employers, carers, nurses, doctors, priests, pastors, social workers and counsellors. 

Drawing on twenty years of lecturing, training and broadcasting on the subject of bereavement, Christy Kenneally has put together a book filled with human interest, anecdote and even humour.

About the Author

Christy Kenneally, one of Ireland's best-loved communications and media personalities, is the bestselling author of two books of memoirs, Maura's Boy and The New Curate. He now works as a communications consultant and broadcaster.