Lenihan, Eddie  

In the Tracks of the West Clare Railway


A portrait of bygone times when the railway breathed life into West Clare.

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Although trains are unlikely to ever again run between Ennis and Kilkee, the legend of this little branch line of the southern railway system will live on as long as there are people who look back fondly on the past. 

Anyone with even a superficial acquaintance with Clare will know what a wealth of varied scenery it contains, together with abundant archaeological sites and historical remains spanning over 5,000 years of human habitation. Not least of these are the earthworks of the West and South Clare Railways. 

Eddie Lenihan believes that a time will come when parts of these lines will be preserved as national monuments, but until that happens their destruction will continue. For what was a railway is now a disjointed succession of pieces linking not just places but in a way two worlds: one unhurried and traditional, the other brash, frenzied and modern. 

In the Tracks of the West Clare Railway paints an evocative picture of a time when the railway breathed life into West Clare.

About the Author

Eddie Lenihan was born in Brosna, County Kerry and now lives in Crusheen, County Clare. He is best known as a storyteller and folklorist. He has written a book on the Clare witch, called In Search of Biddy Early, and a number of books for children, among them Strange Irish Tales for Children, Stories of Old Ireland for Children and the beautifully illustrated, multiple award winning Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic.


'[A] wonderful book'

- Clare Champion