Dark Streets


Detective Tim Collins faces a harrowing case in Cork City that blurs the lines between justice and revenge, forcing him to confront his haunted past and question the path he has chosen.


'Coakley delivers another hard-hitting assured thriller' — Catherine Kirwan Fresh from solving a harrowing abduction case linked to drug gangs in Kerry, Detective Tim Collins returns to Cork City, only to discover that lurking in the shadows of its fabled lanes lies a world he's unprepared for. A series of harrowing crimes—neglected by the very police force sworn to protect—has the city's most vulnerable people on edge. As Collins digs deeper, the line between justice and revenge blurs. Trust becomes a luxury he can't afford as allies become adversaries and the truth slips further away. The streets he once knew now hold secrets that challenge everything he knows, forcing him to confront the demons of his haunted past—a past rooted in his formative years at University College Cork making him question the nature of justice and the path he has chosen in its pursuit. As the story unfolds, Tim must decide how far he will go to uncover the truth and whether redemption lies at the end of the road. The question remains: Can one man make a difference? Experience the brutal and blood-soaked world of Detective Tim Collins in the third instalment of this riveting series. Filled with unforeseen twists, this book promises a visceral journey that will hold you in suspense from beginning to end.

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