Nally, Carl & Butler, Dermot  

Conspiracy of Silence – UFOs in Ireland


UFOs in Ireland

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Conspiracy of Silence examines how many ordinary people in Ireland have seen extraordinary things in our skies. Some have gone through bizarre experiences but the truth about these encounters have been concealed in a conspiracy of silence. 


Butler and Nally firmly believe that UFOs are a reality and no matter what causes might be suggested, the phenomenon is as real here in Ireland as it is throughout the rest of the world. The book examines close encounters in Ireland and all aspects of the UFO phenomenon are covered, from encounters, to an examination of the history of the phenomena; to what the bible has to say about the subject. 


Certain places are closely examined, such as Newgrange, where paranormal activity is recorded more often than anywhere else in the country and new theories are given to such events as the mysterious summer solstice.



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ISBN 9781856355094

About the Author

Carl Nally & Dermot Butler are co-founders of UPRI, UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland. Both Nally and Butler were born and educated in Dublin and have been interested in UFOs since childhood. They have been involved with various UFO groups over the years.



'A ground breaking book'

- Timothy Good, author of Above Top Secret