Ó Grianna, Séamus  

Caisleáin Óir


Classic of Irish language by Seamus O’Grianna.

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Though it is more than seventy years since it was first written, Caisleáin Óir, Séamus Ó' Grianna's best-known novel, still has the power both to touch the heart with its story of the blighting of young love and to delight the ear with the excellence of its idiomatic Irish. 


The story of Séimí Phádraig Dubh and his sweetheart Babaí Mháirtí n growing up at the turn of the century in the rocky peninsula of Rannafast in the Rosses of Donegal is one of bitter sadness, as they are deprived by fate and economic necessity of the magic glimpsed as children: 


A Shéimí, goidé an cineál tithe iad sin, arsa sise, ag amharc ar na néalta, atá os cionn luí na gréine? Tá, arsa Séimí , sin caisleáin íir a bhfuil na daoine beaga ina gcínaí iontu...


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ISBN 9781856352789

About the Author

Séamus Ó Grianna (Máire) was born in Rannafast in the Rosses of County Donegal. He wrote many novels and short stories about his native place which were treasured for their idioms and their picture of Donegal life at the turn of the century. His dislike for the nua-litriocht ensured that publication of his best work in paperback had to wait until after his death.