Early, Alan  

Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf: Father of Lies Chronicles.


Follow up to the sensational Arthur Quinn and the World Serpent. Can Arthur stop Lokis mysterious animal army?

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Life is finally back to normal for Arthur Quinn. Three months ago, he and his friends put their lives at risk to stop the trickster god Loki from taking over the world. However, just when Arthur is starting to relax again, the dreams start once more; dreams of gods, dreams of war, dreams of wolves. It can mean only one thing. Loki is back.

In the midst of a deep snowfall, Loki plots his vengeance on Arthur. In the months since their last battle, the trickster God has been assembling a deadly army of wolves and he intends to take the world once and for all.

Can Arthur trust his two new classmates? Where did Ashs puppy come from? And what is hidden in the National Museum that Loki is so desperate to get? Mysteries and questions arise as, once again, it's down to Arthur Quinn and his friends to save the world. But what they dont know is that this time, Loki has help...

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About The Author

Born in Leitrim and now living in Dublin, Alan Early studied in the National Film School, Dun Laoghaire. Upon graduation in 2008, he co-founded Annville Films. From an early age he used to write and illustrate short stories about Banshees and ghost animals and whatever else struck his imagination. When he was ten, he visited Dublinia, a recreated Viking village and so began a love affair with Viking lore.


'A fantastic, riveting read and one you will enjoy over and over. Bring on the third book!!!'

-Mary Esther Judy , The Book Bag


'It's like a ride on the back of the Fenris Wolf itself, breathlessly exciting'


- Alexander Gordon Smith, Inis Magazine. To read the full review click here.

'...a gripping supernatural story for 10-plus readers with an ingenious plot'

- Lorraine Courtney. Sunday Independent Living.

'A clever new offering from writer and illustrator Early drawing on Ireland's strong Viking heritage'

- Image Magazine


'A clever blend of fantasy and the every day. It's like Harry Potter, Dublin style'

- Irish Examiner

'This hair-raising fantasy adventure will have you thrilled to the end'

- writing.ie. To read the full review click here.


'A gripping mythological thriller'

- Evening Echo