Sheahan, Norma

John B. Keane (1928-2002), an iconic Irish literary figure, left an indelible mark with his profound plays, novels, essays, and stories. Born in Listowel, County Kerry, he ran a local pub, a wellspring of inspiration for his work. Celebrated for plays like ‘Sive’, ‘Sharon’s Grave’, ‘The Field’, and ‘Big Maggie’, his contributions to modern Irish stage are unmatched, with international acclaim from Moscow to Los Angeles. ‘The Field’ even became an Oscar-winning film. Keane’s novels, including ‘Durango’, were adapted into a film, and his collections of humorous letters and short stories reflect his wit and insight into humanity. Honoured with numerous awards and honorary doctorates, John B. Keane remains a cherished author treasured for capturing the essence of Irish life.