Ua Cnáimhsí, Pádraig

Pádraig Ua Cnáimhsí was born in Crickamore in the Rosses of Tirconell. As a primary school teacher, he taught in Aranmore Island for 41 years. Pádraig has always been deeply interested in Irish, history, folklore and music; and on meeting Róise Rua, he instantly realised how important her story was, and zealously set about writing it down.

J.J. Keaveney was born in Moville, Co. Donegal 1935. He taught English and History until retirement in 1989. He also served on the board of the North-West Institute of Further and Higher Education from 1993 to 2000. His articles have been printed in Spinal News NRH, Dun Laoghaire, Arts and Disability publications in Belfast and elsewhere.