O’Mahony, Michelle

Michelle O'Mahony, an alumnus of University College Cork with qualifications in History and English, is a distinguished member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland and the Royal Historical Society. Renowned for her extensive work on the Irish Famine, she has contributed articles, chapters, and books on the subject, with a keen focus on the Workhouse Experience and its enduring impact. A contributor to the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (UCC, 2012), Michelle is also known for her engaging talks on historical topics for schools and local groups. Starting her career as an English and History teacher, she later transitioned into the legal field before founding OM History Consultant offering services in the heritage, history, and cultural sectors. On www.omhistoryconsultant.ie, Michelle highlights the rich history of West Cork and makes history accessible and intriguing to a wide array of audiences including heritage enthusiasts, tourists, and educators.


  • Famine in Cork City woman holding baby