Laverty, Maura

Born in Rathangan, County Kildare, Maura Laverty was educated at the Brigidine Convent, Carlow, where she studied teacher training. She acted as governess and later secretary to Princess Bibesco in Spain. She became a foreign correspondent in Madrid. She returned to Ireland in 1928 and worked in Dublin as a journalist and broadcaster. She was a talented novelist and playwright, her most famous novel is Never No More. Her work as food journalist led to the publication of Full & Plenty by Anvil Press in 1960.


  • The image shows the cover of a cookbook titled "Full & Plenty: Classic Irish Cooking" by Maura Laverty. The cover has a blue fabric-like texture with the title and author's name in white text. There is an illustrated oval emblem in the center featuring what appears to be a cornucopia or horn of plenty filled with fruits and vegetables, possibly referencing abundance and traditional Irish ingredients or harvest. The subtitle indicates this is a collection of classic Irish recipes.