Danaher, Kevin

Caoimhín Ó Danachair, also known as Kevin Danaher, was a renowned figure in Irish folklore and ethnology. Born in 1913 in Limerick, Ireland, he distinguished himself as an academic, earning his BA from University College Dublin (UCD) and further honing his expertise in folklore and ethnology in Germany as an Alexander von Humboldt Scholar. His service as a captain in the Irish Defence Forces during World War II added another layer to his multifaceted career. In his professional life, Ó Danachair made significant contributions to the Irish Folklore Commission, particularly in preserving Irish musical traditions and recording the last native speakers of Manx. His academic prowess was further evidenced by his influential role as a lecturer at UCD, where he inspired a generation of students. Ó Danachair was also a prolific author, with many of his important works on Irish folklore published by Mercier Press. His bibliography includes notable titles such as ‘In Ireland Long Ago’, ‘Irish Customs and Beliefs’, ‘Irish Country People’, ‘Folktales from the Irish Countryside’, ‘The Pleasant Land of Ireland’, ‘The Year in Ireland’, ‘Foirgneamh na nDaoine: Ireland’s Vernacular Architecture’, ‘A Bibliography of Irish Ethnology and Folk Tradition’, ‘That’s How it Was’, and ‘The Children’s Book of Irish Folktales’. These works are highly regarded for their in-depth exploration and vivid depiction of Irish traditions and folklore. They serve as academic resources and cultural treasures that preserve Ireland’s rich heritage for posterity. His personal life was marked by his marriage to Anna Mary Ryan and his role as a father to two sons. Ó Danachair’s death in 2002 was a significant loss to the academic and cultural spheres. However, his legacy continues through his contributions to the field of folklore and his efforts to keep Irish culture alive. His final resting place is in St Fintan’s Cemetery, Sutton, Dublin, where he lies as a testament to a life dedicated to preserving and celebrating Irish cultural history.


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