Keogh, Prof. Dermot

Professor Dermot Keogh is Head of History at University College Cork. He is a graduate of UCD and received his PhD from European University Institute, Florence. He has been a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington DC on two occasions; a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Irish Studies at Queens University Belfast in 1990; and in 2002-3 he was a Jean Monet Fellow at the EUI, Florence. He has held Fulbright professorships in the US on two occasions. A member of the Royal Irish Academy and one of the foremost authorities on the history of modern Ireland, his other interests include labour history, Church-State relations and Latin America.

Finbarr OShea is a graduate of University College Cork and is currently completing his PhD on the Irish state, adoption and children in care in the 1950s.

Carmel Quinlan, a senior HEA Fellow in the Department of History at University College Cork, is the author of Genteel Revolutionaries: Anna and Thomas Haslam, pioneers of Irish feminism.


  • The image shows the book cover of "Ireland: The Lost Decade in the 1950s" by Dermot Keogh, Finbarr O'Shea, and Carmel Quinlan. The cover depicts a painting or illustration of a person, likely an older Irish woman, dressed in traditional clothing and shawl, standing by a rocky coastline or cliff overlooking the sea.