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Sweetman, Rosita

Born into a big political/legal family in Dublin Rosita began writing when shewas 10. She’s worked as a journalist with the Irish Press, the Irish Times, theSunday Independent, as a ‘runner’ and secretary at BBC TV in London, and as aresearch assistant on RTE TV in Dublin. She has published three best sellingbooks, On Our Knees (1972), On Our Backs, Sexual Attitudes in a Changing Ireland(1979) and a novel Fathers Come First (1974) recently re-published by theLilliput Press (2015). In 2004 she co-produced an allergy cookbook with herchildren Chupi and Luke, What To Eat When You Can’t Eat Anything. She is acritic for the Irish Times, the Sunday Independent, and the Dublin Review of Books.Having a survived a marriage break up Rosita re-found her feminismsadly buried, along with her chutzpah. She passionately believes feminism is notabout blaming men, or pushing a few women to the top so they can be ‘she-men’for the patriarchy. It's about creating a world fit for everyone.Of everything she has created her two adult children Chupi and Luke are wayand above the most precious.